HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR BRIDESMAIDS On the best day of your life you want your best girls by your side. It sounds so simple, so why does choosing your bridesmaids become such a sticking point for so many brides-to-be? Here’s everything you need to know to choose your bridesmaids and get hitched, without a hitch!&hellip

Wedding Hair Styles Should Be Carefully Planned

You have probably dreamt of your wedding day and how you will look.You envision the wedding location, your gown and bouquet, your groom, and the decorations. You’ve more than likely envisioned yourself with varying wedding hairstyles, wondering which one you’d choose on that special day. Now it’s here, and the time to decide on a&hellip

10 Outdated Wedding Traditions to Abandon

10 Outdated Wedding Traditions to Abandon Many wedding traditions—from the bouquet toss to the diamond engagement ring—have been around for decades. But the meaning behind these rituals has shifted over the years, and many aren’t relevant in modern times. Here are 10 outdated wedding traditions that brides can safely abandon if they so choose. THE&hellip

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Weekend

You’ve heard it before — your wedding will fly right by and feel like a blur once it’s all said and done. To really cherish the moments, more couples are choosing to see their celebration as part of a larger wedding weekend. Between out-of-town guests coming to visit and having all of your favorite people&hellip


Today’s simple beauty comes all the way from Crimea and the Black Sea. Engulfed in almost all coastline, this beautiful place offers neutral color palettes and a ton of textures to make our hearts happy. This bridal session by Malvina Frolova is soft and gentle with the Bohemian Bride gown and lovely styling by Lili&hellip